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Congratulations to Prof. Abhishek Bhattacharjee and Prof. Ricardo Bianchini, who have received two new NSF grants.

The first is titled: "SHF: Taming the Combinatorial Explosion of Power Management for Future Manycore Systems". In this project, they will create techniques for efficiently selecting good power state configurations in future manycore systems. The second grant is titled "XPS: Enhancing the Programmability of Heterogeneous Manycore Systems". In this project, they will create software and hardware support for unified address spaces in systems comprising many cores and accelerators (e.g., GPUs). The total funding for these NSF grants is $1.2M.

In addition to these two grants, Prof. Bhattacharjee was the recipient of two other prestigious grants awarded earlier this year (announced in previous posts). He received an NSF CAREER grant, as well as a highly competitive gift from the VMWare Academic Research Program (which funded only 3 proposals, giving just a 6% funding rate). These grants together totalled $638K in funding for Prof. Bhattacharjee.