• Badri Nath

Congratulations to Prof. Badri Nath and his former Ph.D. student, alumnus Dr. Ajay Bakre (now at NetApp), for being selected as a winner of the inaugural Test of Time award, 2016, from SIGMOBILE, the ACM Special Interest Group on Mobile Computing Systems. The SIGMOBILE Test of Time awards have recently been constituted to acknowledge publications that have had a great influence on the community with the only requirement that the publication be at least 10 years ago. The publication venue does not need to be a SIGMOBILE related event. A committee headed by Prof. Andrew Campbell spent a rigorous few months in identifying the inaugural winners (11 in total spanning a period of about 35 years).

The paper that stood the test of time is:
Bakre, Ajay, and B. R. Badri Nath. “I-TCP: Indirect TCP for mobile hosts.” Published in proceedings of the 15th IEEE International Conference Distributed Computing Systems, 1995.

The selection committee observes: “I-TCP makes the fundamental observation that performance in a mobile network could be greatly improved if the congestion control loop of the end-to-end path was broken into one catering to the wireless part and another catering to its wired counterpart. This visionary and unorthodox principle is commonly found in today’s cellular data deployments.”

The authors are invited to join one of the SIGMOBILE flagship conferences of their choice to receive this award in person (e.g., MobiSys, MobiHoc or MobiCom). The SIGMOBILE Test of Time awards committee is also tentatively planning some event at MobiCom (early October, New York City) to broadly celebrate the first winners.