• Rutgers receives $2M grant to develop Critical Technology Studies program

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has awarded Rutgers University a $2M grant for the development of a Critical Technology Studies Program. This new program will build on Rutgers’ 2015 designation as an Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence, and expand student capabilities in the data sciences, machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and computationally efficient modeling techniques.

The Center for Critical Intelligence Studies will collaborate with the Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (DIMACS), the Command, Control and Interoperability Center (CCICADA), and the SAS Computer Science Department to design, develop, and implement programs funded by the grant. To engage faculty and students from other schools, Rutgers IC CAE has also formed a consortium with the Borough of Manhattan Community College, City College of New York, and New Jersey City University.

Plans include the development of a technology specialization within the minor in Critical Intelligence Studies; a summer certificate program; a summer research fellowship program; a data sciences workshop for non-STEM students; and provision of funding for internship stipends, research assistantships, and professional development stipends in the area of critical technology studies. 

Rutgers PI: Ava Majlesi, Rutgers Co-PIs: Dennis Egan, Lazaros Gallos, Thu D. Nguyen.