• Rutgers CS Team Members

Congratulations to the Rutgers CS teams, which were ranked #6 and #7 in the Greater New York Area Regionals of  the ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Competition).  (see https://icpc.baylor.edu/ for more details).

There were 65 teams in total representing schools in the greater New York area including schools such as Princeton, Cornell, Columbia, NYU, and Yale. Each school usually sends around 3-4 teams every year to the regionals. This year Rutgers sent 4 teams and two of Rutgers CS teams did really well and were placed at #6 and #7 respectively out of 65 teams! http://acmgnyr.org/year2019/standings.shtml

The members of the four Rutgers teams are:

Adam Jamil, Joe Durie, and Akif Patel (ranked 6th)

Victor Zhang, Siwei Feng, David Xue (ranked 7th)

Samyak Gupta, David Horne, Michael Wang (ranked 11th)

Yusup Badiev, Ryan Jensen, Sunny Cheng (ranked 17th)