The Rutgers/Columbia/NYU COSMOS project was officially announced today:

This is an NSF grant being administered by the PAWR Project Office (PPO) for $12.5M + $10M industry contribution over a 5 year period.  The goal is to deploy an advanced wireless research testbed at city scale in uptown Manhattan, with a technology focus on ultra-high bandwidth and low latency wireless communication tightly coupled with edge computing.  Rutgers is the lead organization with the following team members: D. Raychaudhuri (PI), Ivan Seskar (Project Director), Marco Gruteser, Thu Nguyen, Narayan Mandayam and James (Barr) Von Oehsen.  The PI’s at Columbia and NYU are Gil Zussman and Sundeep Rangan respectively.  The project also has several partners including New York City, Silicon Harlem, CCNY and University of Arizona.

NSF press release:

COSMOS project web site (still under construction)