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Vilelmini Kalampratsidou and Ji-Hye Ryu, advised by Prof. Dimitris Metaxas and Prof. Elizabeth Torres (from Rutgers Psychology), are among the 34 Finalists for the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship 2016. Their project is entitled “Body-Brain-Avatar Interface: a tool to study sensory motor integration and neuroplasticity.”

The competition received 129 eligible applications this year from the 18 participating US schools. Each team submitted a proposal, to be considered for funding by the fellowship. A team of over 200 reviewers selected the 34 finalist teams.

The contest now moves on to the final stage, to be held at the Qualcomm Research Center in San Diego, CA in late March, 2016. The winning teams will be selected after the Finals. Finalists are required to attend and give a 15-minute proposal presentation, which will be part of the winner selection process.

Good luck to Vilelmini, Ji-Hye and Profs. Metaxas and Torres for the finals!