The Rutgers University Computer Science Department proudly announces that Professor Kostas Bekris, together with UMass Lowell (Lead), Univ. of South Florida, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Yale University, have been awarded a $1.5 million grant under NSF’s Pathways to Enable Open-Source Ecosystems (POSE) program for their project entitled “NSF POSE: Phase II: Collaborative Open-source Manipulation Performance Assessment for Robotics Enhancement (COMPARE) Ecosystem.”

This project is funded by the Pathways to Enable Open-Source Ecosystems (POSE) Program which seeks to harness the power of open-source development for the creation of new technology solutions to problems of national and societal importance. COMPARE ecosystem will enable the robot manipulation community to more effectively conduct research and evaluate system performance, with the goal of enabling the quantitative comparison of approaches. By establishing a new, community-driven, open-source ecosystem for robot manipulation research and benchmarking, the field will move more rapidly towards solutions to the open problems of robot perception and grasping. This is a crucial step to push the field forward as the ineffectiveness of these capabilities limits progress in robot manipulation. Developing the COMPARE ecosystem will produce the first systematic community-driven framework to roadmap the current open-source landscape, develop mechanisms and strategies to improve the field, and establish activities that will actualize these improvements, resulting in a more effective and harmonious ecosystem for robot manipulation. *

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