qiong 0 2Congratulations to Prof. Qiong Zhang for receiving an NSF award for her project " Towards a unified account of when external cues are beneficial or detrimental during memory search"! The award duration is for three years starting from August 1st, 2023 to July 31st, 2026. The total budget is $430,762. 

Project Overview: 

Humans constantly interact with environmental information in their daily activities, often relying on external cues when memory lapses occur. Yet, our current understanding of human memory is predominantly based on controlled laboratory experiments where participants engage in memory tasks without external assistance. This raises intriguing questions: Could we construct a computational model of human memory that reacts to environmental cues? Is it feasible to develop an automated way to select external cues, or reminders, to enhance human memory recall? This research program aims to study how reminders affect human memory by examining and modeling their interaction in a latent 'memory space'. Through these computational models, we can validate various hypotheses and make predictions about the effect of reminders. The findings from this research could be valuable in designing memory interventions for individuals in educational settings or those with memory impairments. Moreover, the outcomes will provide the theoretical foundation for developing technology that can seamlessly interact with human memory. 

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