• James Abello
  • Grant Title: Computer-Human Graph TeleDiscovery
  • Principal Investigator:: James Abello Monedero
  • Co-Principal Investigator:: Polo Chau
  • Grant Agency: NSF
  • Grant Duration: 07/08/2017 to 07/08/2020
  • Amount: $1,200,000

Congratulations to Dr. James Abello, Associate teaching professor in the department, who is the PI on the an NSF grant entitled “Computer-Human Graph Tele-discovery” together with D. Chau of Georgia Tech. The grant is for an amount of $1.2 million spanning three years

This project will undertake the challenge of computer-human interactive exploration of information- rich billion-scale network datasets. These include online social networks (who is connected to whom), online auctions (who is buying what), and intelligence analysis of communication patterns and network traffic. It will blend computer-human interaction principles and decomposable visualizations with new scalable exploration techniques that are driven by information-theoretic measures. From a user’s perspective, the main issue is not about storage, or computing power, or large scale data processing. It is more about how to best amplify his or her limited cognition power to make sense of a large data corpus via “natural” interactive exploration.