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Professors Mubbasir Kapadia and Gerard de Melo from the Computer Science Department and Linda Ness from the DIMACS center have received the DARPA SocialSim award, titled "Multiscale Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of Transmedial Social Environments". The award will fund 3 PhD students over a period of 4 years with a total amount of $2,029,753 in funding.

Summary: We propose a unified multiscale representation of how heterogeneous information evolves in multiple online social environments at any scale, from messages between individuals, to images and videos broadcast across communities. We will develop GPU-accelerated methods for multi-scale simulation to explore, predict, characterize, and interpret information evolution in multiple online environments. Our proposed project consists of three major tasks: (1) media-agnostic and cognitively inspired information representa- tions and user modeling; (2) multiscale modeling and simulation of information flows; (3) multiscale stochastic process model, including dynamic state analysis and anomaly detection.