• Janne Lindqvist

Janne Lindqvist's recent work on smartphone interruptions has received a lot of attention in the popular media. The work done with his PhD students Fengpeng Yuan (CS) and Xianyi Gao (ECE) will be presented at CHI’17, the premier publication venue for human-computer interaction.

The work highlighted on scientific websites such as the NSF, AAAS and ACM, has also received worldwide coverage in widely circulated articles. Below are a few examples:
Tired of annoying phone alerts? New system could act as a 'secretary' to predict when you want to be left alone in the Daily Mail 
Pardon the interruption: Here's how your smartphone could be less of a noodge in Network World 
Smartphone notifications driving you crazy? This might help in the Economic Times
Congratulations to Janne on the wide attention for his work! 
The full paper is available here:
and a 30 second video preview here: