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The CS Department has been selected to participate in the National Center for Women Information Technology (NCWIT) 2016 Pacesetters Program. Participants in this program commit to setting measurable goals and an actionable plan for increasing the representation of women in computing over a two-year timeframe. More information on this program can be found at: https://www.ncwit.org/programs-campaigns/pacesetters.

Dean Peter March is the Executive Champion of the effort, Rebecca Wright is the Point Person, and Amelie Marian, Thu Nguyen, and Nicole Wodzinski (from the Douglass Project for Women in STEM) are additional Change Leaders.
The department has several ongoing complementary efforts to increase diversity of our student body, as well as scale and improve our undergraduate program. With funding from NSF, Wright and Nguyen are collaborating with the Douglass Project for Women in STEM and the Computing Research Association to start and study the effectiveness of a living-learning community for women in Computer Science at Rutgers. Tjang, Nguyen, Trees, Venogupal, and Sorensen are leading an effort funded by Google to scale and improve our undergraduate program. Critical goals in this effort include improving and scaling our introduction sequence of classes, as well as increasing diversity. Both of these efforts have associated goals in our NCWIT Pacesetters actionable plan. Participation as an NCWIT Pacesetter will greatly enhance our ability to succeed as we draw on the collective experience and wisdom of NCWIT and all Pacesetters.