• Rutgers SAS and Rutgers SAS Mathematical & Physical Sciences (MPS)

We are thrilled to share, CS Assistant Professor Yongfeng Zhang was awarded the Rutgers University 2023 2024 Presidential Fellowship for Teaching Excellence. The fellowship honors faculty members who have made truly outstanding contributions to teaching during their early years at Rutgers. Professor Zhang's dedication and commitment to excellence have not only enriched the lives of our students but that of our faculty and staff. Congratulations, Yongfeng Zhang!

Professor Zhang’s research interests include Machine Learning and Data Mining, Information Retrieval and Recommender Systems, Explainable AI, Fairness in AI, Personalized AI, AI and Economics, AI for Science, AI for Social Good.

For more info: https://academicaffairs.rutgers.edu/2023-2024-faculty-year-end-excellence-award-recipients