Join is in congratulating Assistant Professor Hao Wang on being selected as a Microsoft AI & Society Fellow. The Microsoft Research AI & Society Fellows program supports interdisciplinary AI research in the context of societal impact. The program offers opportunities for fellows from fields beyond core computer sciences to join and support interdisciplinary research conversations with Microsoft Researchers. By facilitating these new collaborations, Microsoft aims to scale the impact of collective research efforts at the intersection of AI & Society.

“I am honored to join the Microsoft AI & Society Fellowship, where our mission is to harness the transformative potential of Large Language Models (LLMs) for the betterment of society. In collaboration with the Microsoft Research teams, our interdisciplinary approach, integrating insights from machine learning, hierarchical Bayesian deep learning, linguistics, and human-computer interaction, positions us uniquely to address some of the most pressing challenges in multimodal and multilingual knowledge representation. By advancing the understanding and technology in domains critical to societal welfare—such as education, healthcare, and sustainability—we aim not only to develop innovative methodologies but also to create tangible impacts through real-world applications. I look forward to collaborating with Microsoft's researchers and our global academic and industry partners to pioneer solutions that are not just technologically advanced but socially responsible and inclusive,” said Professor Wang.

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