Ioannis Polykretis, a first-year PhD student advised by Prof. Konstantinos Michmizos at ComBra Lab, wins the 3-year Onassis Award, the oldest and most prestigious scholarship Award for Greek PhD students in countries worldwide, with a success rate of 1-2%.

Upon completing his 1st year in our Department, Ioannis has 2 full papers, one presented orally at ICONS and the second submitted to Brain Informatics, and 2 short papers. His research aims to bridge the gap between biological and artificial intelligence by revealing the computational role of non-neuronal cells and translating their computational principles into Neural-Astrocytic Networks.

This line of research at ComBra Lab was recently awarded the Intel research grant and has shaped the choices for a number of students, including Guangzhi Tang (previously a MSc student and now a PhD student in the same Lab), Leo Kozachkov (now PhD student at MIT) and Kevin Feigelis (now PhD student at Stanford.)