• Picture of MSCS Award ceremony.

MSCS Awards 2017 Spring

Spring 2017 Graduating Class

Department of Computer Science

Rutgers  University


On Friday May 5th  2017, the MSCS program recognized outstanding 2017 Spring graduating students and the best teaching award.

The best teaching award is presented to professor William Steiger



Faculty members came to the event



MSCS Academic Performance

Outstanding Academic Performance Award  

*GPA 4.00 for MS Classes in residence.


Names : James Abello(advisor), Yue Cao,  Anwar Jameel, Ashish Jindal,  Ana Echavarria Uribe, Vishal Bhalla


Outstanding MS Project Award

*Nominated by CS Faculty for projects completed during MS residence.


Names : James Abello(advisor), Yue Cao, Yu Yang, Mayur Kabra, Pritish Sahu, Zhen Sun



Outstanding Publications Award

                   * One or more papers accepted for publication or

 Two or more papers submitted for publication during MS residence.

Names : James Abello(advisor), Yu Yang

*Yu Yang published 3 papers and 3 under review during his MS program.


MSCS Service

Outstanding Programming Applications Award

* For MSCS Service Applications

(Ex: Service Web Portals, Service Back End Tools)


Names : James Abello(advisor), Zhen Sun, Pritish Sahu


Outstanding MSCS Community Award

*MSCS Graduate Students Event Organizers


Names : Romina Nayak, James Abello(advisor), Shailesh Goel, Risham Chokshi


MSCS graduates