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HackHERS is the annual women-centric and beginner oriented hackathon held every Spring right here at Rutgers University! Our goal is to create a space in which women can explore tech culture and be empowered to create with code. All genders are allowed to participate because closing the gender gap requires everyone's contribution. For 24 hours, students from various Universities come together to learn and to create some wonderful and useful applications. Some examples of projects that were demoed are an app that taught programming using art, combining the creative and the technical side! Another example was an app to manage your budget!

As a beginner oriented hackathon we also offer various workshops like HTML/CSS, javascript,git, Intro to APIs, etc to help beginners get started with programming. Not only this, there is constant help throughout the event provided through our mentors and company volunteers and students also get the opportunity to network with the sponsor companies' in a casual setting,play games, enjoy de-stressing activities and of course FREE food!It is a great way to initiate a social change by encouraging minority towards technical fields,making new friends, learning about internship opportunities and building something cool!

The Android Workshop

The Intro to API Workshop

Let the Hacking Begin!

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   It is a widely known fact that men far outnumber women in the field of computer science. Simply step into any of the numerous computer science courses offered at Rutgers, and more likely than not, one will find that more than 80% of the students are male. Women in Computer Science (WiCS) was created as a result of this gender gap, to encourage the participation of women in computer science as well as to help the women that are enrolled in computer courses and provide support.

WiCS is open to any students, male or female, at Rutgers interested in computer science and supportive of women in this field. As a member of WiCS, you will be able to network with other computer science undergraduate students as well as computer science graduate students and faculty during our events throughout the year. Also, you will be alerted to opportunities such as scholarships, internships, research, job events, and more as they arise through our mailing list.