• CS conference 2019

The CS Department held its second Conference on January 31, 2019. The Conference included a keynote talk, given by Mike Davies, The Director of Neuromorphic Division at Intel Labs, a panel discussion on "Brain-integrative AI" and poster presentations.

More than 200 people had the chance to listen to Mike Davies, the leading researcher behind Intel's Loihi chip, who showcased the disruptive potential of the neuromorphic computing technology. Calling for a bottom-up rethinking of computing, Mike Davies announced that Prof. Michmizos's group will be one of the first groups in the world to receive the "Kapoho Bay", a chip that emulates how neurons learn in the brain and brings neuromorphism into real-world robotic applications.

In the panel discussion, the audience had also a rather unique opportunity to listen to leading researchers discussing how AI can use the brain both as an inspiration and a target. The panel spanned Computer Science (Dimitri Metaxas), Neuromorphic Computing (Mike Davies), Medical School (Steven Silverstein) and Philosophy (Brian McLaughlin). Further interest in the topic was spurred by the comments of the panel moderator, Prof. Casimir Kulikowski. 

52 undergradute and graduate students presented their research posters.  The best poster awardees, scored for their originality, clarity and potential impact, were:

  • Joseph Boyle, an undergradute student in CS, advised by Prof. Nguyen. 
  • Mona Rassouli, an undergraduate pre-med student double majoring in CS and Biomathematics, advised by Prof. Michmizos.
  • Valia Kalokyri, a PhD student, advised by Prof. Marian.

Congratulations to all who presented. Planning for the 2020 CS Conference has begun!