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The CS Conference Awards Committee announced the best poster Awards, which recognize the research posters that shined in the inaugural CS Conference, held on December 13, 2017 at CoRE lobby, Busch campus.

The CS Conference Awards honored excellence in two special categories – Undergraduate Poster and Graduate Poster. Posters were judged based on technical merit, originality, potential impact on their respective field and society at large, as well as clarity and quality of the poster presentation.

Congratulations to:

1] Rupesh Chinta, and his advisor, Prof. Jingjin Yu, for winning the Undergraduate Award, for their poster "Pattern following for miniature autonomous robots,"

2] Monica Bansal, and her advisor, Prof. Gerard de Melo, for winning the Graduate Award, for their poster "Rutgers schedule of classes v/s bus schedule."

The CS Conference serves as an additional tool to empower both our Graduate and Undergraduate students with the skills to 1) express their initial curiosity, 2) systematically find an answer to their question, and 3) communicate their discoveries effectively. It also helps our students to develop a better understanding of the different CS branches that innervate society, and a deeper confidence in themselves.

See you all next year!