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Rutgers University Department of Computer Science Open House


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Friday, March 12, 2021, 11:30am


The Department of Computer Science would like to invite you to our annual Open House that will take place remotely on Friday, March 12.

This year, the Open House features a tour of the CS Department, a presentation on the PhD program, selective PhD student presentations, and a break out session where prospective students can discuss with their prospective advisors as well as other Faculty and current PhD student.



General Session

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[11.30am] Chair's Welcome Speech (Prof. Matthew Stone)


[11.40am] GPD's Presentation of the PhD program (Prof. Ulrich Kremer)

[12.00pm] PhD students' Pitch Talks

  •     David Domingo: Accelerating storage recovery (advisor: Prof. Sudarsun Kannan)
  •     Neelesh Kumar: Machine Learning for Motor Learning: Brain-Informed and Interpretable Deep Learning of Movement (advisor: Prof. Konstantinos Michmizos)
  •     Guido Tagliavini Ponce: Optimal Balls-and-Bins Games and Virtual Address Translation (advisor: Prof. Martin Farach-Colton)
  •     Harsha Srimath Tirumala: One way Functions and the Minimum Circuit Size problem (MCSP) (advisor: Distinguished Prof. Eric Allender)
  •     Honglu Zhou: Multi-Hop Transformer For Spatiotemporal Reasoning (advisor: Prof. Mubbasir Kapadia)

[12.30pm] Break out sessions

  •     Theory session - Chair: Prof. Sepehr Assadi

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        pass: theory

  •     Systems session - Chair: Prof. Yipeng Huang

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        pass: systems

  •     AI session - Chair: Prof. Hao Wang

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        pass: arti

[13.00pm] The CS Department (Prof. Matthew Stone)

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Event Type: Symposium


Contact  Host: Dr. Matthew Stone

The Webex link and password for each portion of the open house are listed with their corresponding event.