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One way functions and a conditional variant of MKTP


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Friday, May 07, 2021, 09:30am - 11:00am


Speaker: Harsha Srimath Tirumala

Location : Remote via Webex


Prof. Eric Allender (advisor)

Prof. Michael Saks

Prof. Sepehr Assadi

Prof. Santosh Nagarakatte

Event Type: Qualifying Exam

Abstract: One-way functions (OWFs) are central objects of study in cryptography and computational complexity theory. In a seminal work, Liu and Pass (FOCS 2020) proved that the average-case hardness of computing time-bounded Kolmogorov complexity is equivalent to the existence of OWFs. It remained an open problem to establish such an equivalence for the average-case hardness of some NP-complete problem. In our work, we make progress on this question by studying a conditional variant of the Minimum KT-complexity Problem (MKTP), which we call McKTP, as follows : 1. First, we prove that if McKTP is average-case hard on a polynomial fraction of its instances, then there exist OWFs. 2. Then, we observe that McKTP is NP-complete under polynomial-time randomized reductions. That is, there are NP-complete problems whose average-case hardness implies the existence of OWFs. 3. Finally, we prove that the existence of OWFs implies the nontrivial average-case hardness of McKTP. Thus the existence of OWFs is inextricably linked to the average-case hardness of this NP-complete problem.



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