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Toward practical and private online services


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Thursday, March 30, 2017, 10:30am


The designs of today's common online services (social networks, media streaming,
messaging, email, etc.) are in conflict with privacy. Indeed, there have been
many incidents (hacks, accidental disclosures, etc.) where private information
has leaked.

My research aims to build systems that provide strong privacy guarantees and are
practical (that is, have functionality and costs comparable to that of the
status quo). In the talk, I will describe the challenges in building such
systems and and how I address them. As an example, Popcorn is a Netflix-like
media delivery system that provably hides (even from the content distributor)
which movie a user is watching, is otherwise consistent with the prevailing
commercial regime (copyrights, etc.), and achieves plausibly deployable
performance (the per-request dollar cost is 3.87 times that of a non-private

Speaker: Trinabh Gupta


Trinabh Gupta is a PhD candidate at The University of Texas at Austin. He isalso a visiting academic in NYU's systems group. His research interests are insystems, security, and privacy, and he has worked on privacy-preserving onlineservices, and fai

Location : CoRE A 301


David Cash

Event Type: Faculty Candidate Talk



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