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Computer Science Department Colloquium

Multipath TCP Congestion Control: from Theory to Implementation


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Tuesday, February 16, 2016, 10:30am


Multipath TCP (MPTCP), an experimental IETF standard, has the potential to significantly improve application performance by transparently taking advantage of the increasingly available multiple network paths and multiple interfaces on user devices. In this talk we describe our recent research on MPTCP congestion control, which spans control theory and open-source implementation. We describe our “Balia” congestion control algorithm, a key feature of the new open-source v0.90 release of MPTCP Linux Kernel implementation, and review the theory behind its design that enables it to optimize performance tradeoffs. We highlight applications in wireless 5G, data centers and SDN-enabled networks. Ongoing research directions will also be discussed.

Speaker: Anwar Walid


Anwar Walid is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff with the Mathematics of Networks and Systems Research Department in Bell Labs (Murray Hill, N.J.). He also served as Director of Research Partnership and University Collaborations, Bell Labs Chief

Location : CoRE 301


Thu Nguyen

Event Type: Computer Science Department Colloquium



Mathematics of Networks and Systems Research Department, Bell Labs (Murray Hill, N.J)