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The Laboratory for Computer Science Research (LCSR)
The Laboratory for Computer Science Research (LCSR)

LCSR  designs, develops, and operates systems  to advance the state of the art for research and instruction in the field of Computer Science.  It serves the Department of Computer Science, the Center for Biomedicine Imaging and Modeling, and assists the wider University with computing needs. 

Instructional Support

LCSR enhances and supports computer science instruction using laboratory staff, physical spaces, compute services, and custom software.

The Collaborative Academic Versatile Environment (CAVE) is a space for students to create their own atmosphere for collaboration and group projects. It's one part computer lab, one part student lounge and one part presentation space. In addition to students, mentors, instructors, and collaborators, the CAVE has computers, couches, chairs, a bungee conference room table, large amounts of whiteboard space and a 60" LCD HDTV for gaming and presentations.

The HackRspace provides students access to alternative computing platforms, including hands-on experiences with mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, embedded devices, such as the Arduino, rack mountable data center equipment, such as blade servers and programmable network switches, and robotics platforms, such as the iRobot create, Lego Mindstorms and a full sized Nao Robot.

The instructonal labs in Hill Center 120, 248-250 focus on providing students large displays for a range of student projects, such a pair programming, code reviews, and novel work-stations.

Graduate and undergraduate clusters are available for general computing needs.  


 LCSR's operations team runs computing clusters for instructional and research use, including machines with large amounts of memory and disk, a hadoop cluster, and several mid-sized machines. The networking systems include multi-gigabit networks, Openflow, and IPv6. Many of these services rely on the team's centralized storage system. In addition, the group supports email, calendar, print and video conferencing services. Ninety hours of on-site operator coverage is provided by fulltime and student staff.  LCSR's data center the CoRE building on Busch campus provides the home for these services.

New Environments

LCSR develops and deploys advanced computing, communication and learning environments. The Videowall is an LCSR developed system that provides a novel telepresence platform for distance education. Its first beta test is between the Piscataway and Newark campuses. LAWN, an enterprise-wide wireless network management system, is currently used by the Department of Computer Science, CBIM, and nine other departments and units. Past projects include handin, a computer science course project management system, lecture 123, a novel presentation package, VOIP,  and VOSLAB, a web accessible cluster to allow hands-on access for web-accessible cluster to allow hands-on access to running kernels for Operating Systems classes, and a colloquia management system.