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Graduate Courses

This list includes Undergraduate courses that may be taken for Graduate credit.

Information about course times, locations, and instructors can be found here.

Course Number Title Category Semester
01:198:324 Numerical Methods†
01:198:336 Principles of Information and Data Management† Fall, Spring, Summer
01:198:415 Compilers† Spring
01:198:424 Modeling and Simulation of Continuous Systems†
01:198:425 Computer Methods in Statistics†
01:198:428 Introduction to Computer Graphics†
01:198:431 Software Engineering† Fall
01:198:440 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence† Fall
01:198:442 Topics in Computer Science†
01:198:443 Topics in Computer Science†
01:198:444 Topics in Computer Science†
01:198:445 Topics in Computer Science†
16:198:500 Proseminar in Computer Science Fall, Spring
16:198:503 Computational Thinking Fall
16:198:504 Computational Modeling Fall
16:198:505 Computer Structures B Spring
16:198:507 Advanced Computer Architecture B Fall
16:198:508 Formal Language and Automata Fall
16:198:509 Foundations of Computer Science A Fall
16:198:510 Numerical Analysis A Fall, Spring
16:198:512 Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms Fall, Spring
16:198:513 Design and Analysis of Data Structures and Algorithms A Fall, Spring
16:198:514 Design And Analysis Of Data Structures And Algorithms II A Spring
16:198:515 Programming Languages And Compilers I B Fall
16:198:516 Programming Languages And Compilers II B Spring
16:198:518 Operating Systems Design Fall, Spring
16:198:519 Operating System Theory B Fall
16:198:520 Introduction To Artificial Intelligence B Fall, Spring
16:198:521 Linear Programming A Fall
16:198:522 Network and Combinatorial Optimization Algorithms A Spring
16:198:523 Computer Graphics B Spring
16:198:525 Brain-Inspired Computing B Fall
16:198:526 Data Interaction and Visual Analytics Spring
16:198:527 Database Systems for Data Science B Fall, Spring
16:198:529 Computational Geometry A Fall
16:198:530 Principles of Artificial Intelligence B Fall
16:198:532 Foundations Of Knowledge Representation B Spring
16:198:533 Natural Language Processing B Spring
16:198:534 Computer Vision B Spring
16:198:535 Pattern Recognition: Theory & Applications B Spring
16:198:536 Machine Learning B Spring
16:198:538 Complexity Of Computation A Spring
16:198:539 Database Systems Implementation Fall
16:198:540 Combinatorial Methods In Complexity Theory A Spring
16:198:541 Database Systems B Spring
16:198:543 Massive Data Storage, Retrieval and Deep Learning Fall
16:198:544 Computer Security Spring
16:198:545 Distributed Systems B Spring
16:198:546 Computer System Security Fall
16:198:547 The Security and Dependability of Distributed Systems B Spring
16:198:550 Massive Data Mining Spring
16:198:552 Computer Networks B Fall
16:198:553 Design of Internet Services B Spring
16:198:554 Capstone Project I Fall
16:198:555 Capstone Project II Spring
16:198:560 Introduction to Computational Robotics Fall
16:198:580 Topics In Computers In Biomedicine B Fall
16:198:583 Topics In Software Design B Fall
16:198:596 Topics In The Foundations Of Computer Science A
16:198:598 Topics In Artificial Intelligence B
16:198:601 Selected Problems In Computer Science - Fall - PhD Only Fall
16:198:602 Selected Problems In Computer Science - Spring- PhD Only Spring
16:198:603 Selected Problems In Computer Science - Summer - PhD Only Summer
16:198:604 Selected Problems In Computer Science - Fall - MS Only Fall
16:198:605 Selected Problems In Computer Science - Spring - MS Only Spring
16:198:606 Selected Problems In Computer Science - Summer - MS Only Summer
16:198:607 Problems In Numerical Methods
16:198:608 Problems In Numerical Methods
16:198:671 Seminar in Computer Science Fall, Spring
16:198:672 Seminar in Computer Science Fall
16:198:673 Seminar in Computer Science
16:198:674 Seminar in Computer Science
16:198:701 Research In Computer Science - Fall - PhD Only Fall
16:198:702 Research In Computer Science - Spring - PhD Only Spring
16:198:703 Research In Computer Science - Summer - PhD Only Summer
16:198:704 Research In Computer Science - Fall - MS Thesis Only Fall
16:198:705 Research in Computer Science - Spring - MS Thesis Only Spring
16:198:706 Research in Computer Science - Summer - MS Thesis Only Summer
16:198:800 Matriculation Continued Fall, Spring