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James Abello Monedero

Associate Professor of Practice
(848) 445-7473
Hill 355
Research Area: 
Current areas of research center on External Memory Algorithms, Data Graph Mining, Relational Learning and Visualization of Massive Data Sets.
Typical examples of data we have dealt with include information networks like The Web, Query co-occurrence, Internet, Wireless Call Detail and Epidemiological data.
Previous research focus included Computational Geometry, Combinatorics and Complexity, Algorithm Animation and some applications in Petroleum Engineering and Biology.
  • Education

    • Computer Science President's Post Doctoral Fellow -University of California, Santa Barbara.
    • Ph.D. University of California, San Diego.

    Specialization in Combinatorial Algorithms,

    Supervised by Professor Stanley Gill Williamson.

    • M.S. University of California, Santa Barbara.

    Specialization in Operating Systems,
    Supervised by Professor John Bruno.

  • Academic

o Computer Science Department, Rutgers University

Director of the MSCS Program and Associate Professor 2015 - present.

o DIMACS, Rutgers University

Research Professor 2006 - 2015;

o  Computer Science Department, Texas A&M University

                           Research Associate Professor, 1994-1995;
Director of the Laboratory for Algorithms Design, 1990-1994;
Assistant Professor, 1988-1993; 
Supervised 1 Ph.D. Dissertation and 7 Master Theses.

o  Computer Science and Mathematics Departments  -   University of California, Santa Barbara and San Diego: Visiting Professor and Lecturer, 1986-1987.

  • Industrial

o        Senior Research Scientist,, 2004 - 2007.

o        Senior Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Labs, and Bell Labs, 1995 - 2002.

  • Administrative

o       Program Committee Member of the 2016 IEEE International Conference on Big Data, Dec. 2016.

  Leader of the Universal Information Graphs Project at DyDAn (A founded multi million DHS center of excellence at Rutgers University). Conceived and designed the project. Developed new algorithms for semi-external data partitioning. Identified, hired and supervised key personal to build the overall hardware and software infrastructure. Participated in the overall DyDAn proposal writing.

o       Organizer of the DyDAn Seminar series, 2007.

o       Organizer of DIMACS Computational and Mathematics Epidemiology Seminar series, 2006-2007.

o       Program Co-Chair (with G. Cormode) of DIMACS Tutorial on Data Mining and Epidemiology, March 23-24, 2006.

o    Program Chair of the First DIMACS Workshop on Data Mining and Epidemiology, March 18-19, 2004.

o       Conceived, Designed and made operational a software platform for Query Relevance Algorithms Research. Interviewed, hired and supervised the required technical personal,, 2004-2006.

o       Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal on Discrete Algorithms, Elsevier Publishers, 2002-present.

o       Program Chair of the First AT&T Visualization Days, May 30, 2001.

o       Program Co-Chair (with J. Vitter) of the First DIMACS Workshop on External Memory Algorithms and Visualization, May 20-22, 1998.

o       Co-Editor of the Massive Computing Series, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1998-present.

o       Associate Managing Editor of the Journal on Computing and Information, Canada, 1994-1998.


o       Algorithms Group Leader. In charge of recruiting, interviewing, evaluating and recommending faculty candidates. Founder and director of the Laboratory for Algorithms Design, Texas A&M University, 1990-1994.






Awards & Distinctions: 

  • Founder Member, Culture Analytics Network, Danish Council of Independent Research, 2016.
  • Certificate of Achievement, Culture Analytics Program, Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics, University of California, Los Angeles, 2016.
  • Best Teaching Award, Computer Science Department, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, 2015.
  • DIMACS Permanent Member, Rutgers University, 1995;
  • First Prize Paper/Poster Award(with M. Veach), ACM National Conference, Phoenix, AZ, March 1994;
  • Fellow of the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications, 1993;
  • SIAM Young Investigator Award, ICIAM, Paris, 1988;
  • Post Doctoral Visitor: IMA (University of Minnesota) and MSRI(University of California, Berkeley), 1987;
  • University of California President's Post-Doctoral Fellow, 1986-1987;
  • General Dynamics Scholarship, University of California, San Diego, 1984;
  • Outstanding Teaching Award, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1983.
Grant Awards: 
PI: James Abello Monedero | Co-PI: Polo Chau | NSF
07/08/2017 to 07/08/2020
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R. Pienta, M. Kahng, Z. Lin, J. Vreeken, P. Talukdar, J. Abello, G. Parameswaran, and DH. Chau

July, 2017

J. Abello, P. Klavik, J. Kratochvil, and T. Vyskocil

Theoretical Computer Science
May, 2017

J. Abello, D. Desimone, S. Hadlak, H. Schulz, M. Sumida

Big Data of Complex Networks
August, 2016
Classes Taught: 

James Abello has taught Computer Programming, Software Fabrication, Operating Systems, Scientific Computing, Discrete Mathematics, Data Structures, Analysis of Algorithms (Sequential, Parallel and Distributed), Formal Languages, Computability, Complexity Theory, Combinatorial Optimization, Operations Research, Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Numerical Analysis, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Algorithms, Java, Web Based Computing and Information Visualization are his current teaching interests.

Student, PostDocs, & Visitors: 
  • Ph.D. External Superviser

François Queyroi, “Partitionnement de grands graphes : mesures, algorithmes et visualisation. (Graph Partitioning : measures, algorithms and visualization).”,Computer Science Department, University of Bordeaux, France 2013.

Hans-Jörg Schulz , “Explorative Graph Visualization”, University of Rostock, 2010.

Christian Tominski, “Event-Based Visualization for User-Centered Visual Analysis”, PhD thesis, University of Rostock, Germany, 2006.

Frank van Ham, “Interactive Visualization of Large State Spaces”, PhD thesis, ISBN 90-386-0704-0, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, 2005.

  • Ph.D. Students Supervised 

Krishna Kumar, “Combinatorial Aspects of Point Visibility”, Computer Science Department, Texas A&M University, August 1993.

  • M.S. Students Supervised 

Pritish Sahu, “Data Facets Navigation”, Computer Science Department, RutgersUniversity, May 2017.

Timothy Veach, “An Animated Graph Environment”, Computer Science Department, Texas A&M University, September 1990.

Sanjay Joshi, “Some Algorithmic Results in Graph Imbeddings”, Computer Science Department, Texas A&M University, December 1990 (Co-Chairman).

Ronald Chambers, “Heuristics for the Traveling Salesman Problem”, Computer Science Department, Texas A&M University, December 1991.

Sekhar Pisupati, “Polynomial Algorithms for Visibility Graphs of Staircase Polygons”, Computer Science Department, Texas A&M University, December 1991.

Chris Roda, “An Animated Interface to the AGE System”, Computer Science Department, Texas A&M University, August 1992.

Anne Hwang, “Pattern Matching for the Evaluation of Sucker-Rod Pumped Wells”, Petroleum Engineering Department, Texas A&M University, September 1992 (Co-Chairman).

Don Sonom, “Visualization of Heuristics for Some NP-Complete Problems”, Computer Science Department, Texas A&M University, December 1993.


Craig Smith, “A Graphics-based Language for Algorithm Animation”, Computer Science Department, Texas A&M University, May 1994.


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