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Desheng Zhang

Assistant Professor
CoRE 307
Research Area: 
Cyber Physical Systems
Data Science
Mobile Computing

Desheng is an assistant professor at the Department of Computer Science, Rutgers University. Previously, Desheng was offered the Senseable City Consortium Postdoctoral Fellowship from MIT, and awarded his Ph.D in Computer Science from University of Minnesota.

Under the White House Smart Cities Initiative, Desheng is interested in bridging Cyber-Physical Systems (as known as Internet of Things under some context) and Data Science in Extreme-Scale Data-Intensive Urban Infrastructure from an Interdisciplinary perspective. He is focused on the life cycle of data-driven urban systems, from mobile data collection, to cross-domain data fusion, heterogeneous model integration, visual data analytics, system optimization and application deployment. He strategically positions his research on Real-Time Interactions of Cross-Domain Urban Systems, i.e., transportation (e.g., taxis, buses, trucks, subways, bikes, personal & electric vehicles), telecommunication (e.g., cellphones), finance (e.g., smartcards), social networks (e.g., check-in and app logs), and geography (e.g., road networks). He has been investigating platforms across 8 cities on 3 continents with 100 thousand app users, 500 thousand vehicles, 10 million phones, 16 million smartcards, and 100 million residents involved.

His technical contributions have led to more than 20 papers, featuring 11 first-author papers in premium venues, e.g., MobiCom, SIGSPATIAL, SenSys, IPSN, ICCPS, BigData, RTSS, ICDCS. Desheng has been honored with 6 best paper/thesis/poster awards and the Chinese Government Award as one of only 4 Computer Science students among 250 thousand Chinese students in US.

During his free time, Desheng likes to travel. Here is a map about cities he has been visited so far in US.

Awards & Distinctions: 
  • Best Paper Nominee, ICCPS Committee (3/91) 
  • Best Paper Award, CWSN Committee (1/200+) 
  • Best Paper Runner-up Award, CyberC Committee (1/297) 
  • Best Poster Award, INFOCOM Committee 
  • Best Thesis Award in CS, Heilongjiang Dept. of Education (1/46,000) 
  • Best Thesis Award, Heilongjiang University
  • Excellent Thesis Research Travel Award, University of Minnesota 
  • Excellent Researcher Award, Chinese Academy of Sciences 
  • Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students, (4/250,000) 
Personal News: 
  • Desheng gave a talk on Urban Cyber-Physical Systems at MIT.
  • Desheng presented his work for Smart Cities at CMU.
  • Desheng presented his work for Smart Cities at Georgia Tech.
  • Desheng presented his work for Smart Cities at the NSF CPS PI Meeting in D.C.
  • Desheng gave a talk on Cyber-Physical Systems at New York University.
  • Desheng gave a talk on Urban Cyber-Physical Systems at IBM Research.
  • Desheng gave a talk on Urban Cyber-Physical Systems at Microsoft Reserach.
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Desheng Zhang, F. Zhang, T. He.

November, 2016

Desheng Zhang, Juanjuan Zhao, Fan Zhang, and Tian He

November, 2015

Desheng Zhang, R.Jiang, S.Wang, Y. Zhu, B. Yang, T. He, and J.Cao

October, 2015

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