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Abhishek Bhattacharjee

Visiting Professor
(848) 445-8306
core 306
Research Area: 
Computer Systems
Department of Computer Science
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
110 Frelinghuysen Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8019

I build computer systems for all scales of use, from datacenters to biomedical devices. I’m currently designing chips for brain implants and systems for brain modeling with my PhD students, Guilherme CoxJán Veselý, and Zi Yan, as well as my undergraduate mentees, Lucas Marin, and Karthik Sriram.

My group has influenced the way virtual memory is implemented on modern computer systems. We are the inventors of coalesced TLBs, which AMD first implemented in its Ryzen architecture. We have proposed OS mechanisms for superpage management and have integrated them in the Linux 4.14 kernel series. We are also the creators of a generic interface for direct system call invocation from GPUs. Our code is hosted under the Radeon Open Compute umbrella.

Awards & Distinctions: 

I am the recipient of the Chancellor's Award for Faculty Excellence in Research at Rutgers, the CV Starr Fellowship at Princeton Neuroscience, the National Science Foundation’s CAREER award, and research awards from Google and VMware. I obtained my PhD from Princeton, where I was awarded the Wu Prize for academic distinction, and my BEng from McGill, where I was awarded the British Association Medal for graduating at the top of my class.

Classes Taught: 
  • CS 211, Computer Architecture.
  • CS 505, Computer Structures.
  • CS 507, Advanced Computer Architecture.
Student, PostDocs, & Visitors: 

PhD students: Guilherme Cox, Jan Vesely, Zi Yan.

Undergraduate students: Karthik Sriram (Rutgers-Camden), Lucas Marin.


Binh Pham, PhD 2016; Research: Efficient virtual memory for big-memory systems; First job: Intel Research.

Geet Sethi, B.S; Research: Interplay between virtual memory and memory consistency models; First job: PhD student, Stanford Computer Science.