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PhD Defense: Compact Representations for Efficient Robot Motion Planning with Formal Guarantees


This work provides compact representations for single- and multi-robot motion planning in the context of prehensile robot manipulation. This work explores asymptotic near-optimality and probabilistic near-optimality of these planners. This allows for lightweight storage of planning structures which are quick to query, and provides probabilistic bounds on path quality after finite computation. A compact representations for n-arm manipulation is given and efficient planning methods for multi-robot planning involving object hand-offs are provided. This work provides significant groundwork for asymptotically-optimal integrated task and motion planning for multi-arm manipulation.

Andrew Dobson
Event Date: 
08/29/2017 - 2:30pm
Prof. Kostas Bekris (Chair), Prof. Jingjin Yu, Prof. William Steiger, Prof. Devin Balkcom, Dartmouth University
Event Type: 
PhD Defense
Dept. of Computer Science