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Topics In Computers In Biomedicine


This course surveys computational methods in biology or medicine: topics vary from instructor to instructor and may include computational molecular biology, medical reasoning, and imaging. See semester-specific web pages for details.

B (Ph.D.)

16:198:520 or 16:198:513, depending on the semester, or permission of the instructor.


Consult with the instructor for the topics to be covered in each particular semester.)

This course can have an emphasis either on combinatorial algorithms or on artificial intelligence. Topics might include:

    * physical mapping, sequence comparison, prediction of function and three-dimensional structure of biological molecules, phylogeny.
    * medical knowledge representation and reasoning: diagnostic, prognostic, and treatment planning methods, interpretation of medical images from multiple modalities (X-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound, PET, SPECT, etc.).

Expected Work: 

Varies. May include a project ranging from a specific computer implementation to a broader investigation of one of the research areas.

Teaching Professors Names: 
Martin Farach-Colton
Casimir Kulikowski
Dimitris Metaxas