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Spring Courses

Information about course times, locations, and instructors can be found here.

Course Number Title Category Semester
01:198:105 Great Insights in Computer Science Fall, Spring
01:198:107 Computing for Math and the Sciences Fall, Spring
01:198:110 Introduction to Computers and Their Application Fall, Spring, Summer
01:198:111 Introduction to Computer Science Fall, Spring, Summer
01:198:112 Data Structures Fall, Spring, Summer
01:198:142 Data 101: Data Literacy Spring
01:198:170 Computer Application for Business Fall, Spring, Summer
01:198:195 Honors Seminar in Computer Science Spring
01:198:205 Introduction to Discrete Structures I Fall, Spring, Summer
01:198:206 Introduction to Discrete Structures II Fall, Spring
01:198:211 Computer Architecture Fall, Spring, Summer
01:198:213 Software Methodology Spring
01:198:314 Principles of Programming Languages Fall, Spring
01:198:323 Numerical Analysis and Computing Spring
01:198:336 Principles of Information and Data Management Fall, Spring, Summer
01:198:344 Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms Fall, Spring
01:198:352 Internet Technology Fall, Spring, Summer
01:198:405 Seminar in Computers and Society Spring
01:198:415 Compilers Spring
01:198:416 Operating Systems Design Fall, Spring
01:198:417 Distributed Systems: Concepts and Design Fall, Spring
01:198:419 Computer Security Spring
01:198:439 Introduction to Data Science Spring
01:198:452 Formal Languages and Automata Spring
16:198:500 Proseminar in Computer Science Fall, Spring
16:198:505 Computer Structures B Spring
16:198:510 Numerical Analysis A Fall, Spring
16:198:512 Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms Fall, Spring
16:198:513 Design and Analysis of Data Structures and Algorithms A Fall, Spring
16:198:514 Design And Analysis Of Data Structures And Algorithms II A Spring
16:198:516 Programming Languages And Compilers II B Spring
16:198:518 Operating Systems Design Fall, Spring
16:198:520 Introduction To Artificial Intelligence B Fall, Spring
16:198:522 Network and Combinatorial Optimization Algorithms A Spring
16:198:523 Computer Graphics B Spring
16:198:526 Data Interaction and Visual Analytics Spring
16:198:527 Database Systems for Data Science B Fall, Spring
16:198:532 Foundations Of Knowledge Representation B Spring
16:198:533 Natural Language Processing B Spring
16:198:534 Computer Vision B Spring
16:198:535 Pattern Recognition: Theory & Applications B Spring
16:198:536 Machine Learning B Spring
16:198:538 Complexity Of Computation A Spring
16:198:540 Combinatorial Methods In Complexity Theory A Spring
16:198:541 Database Systems B Spring
16:198:544 Computer Security Spring
16:198:545 Distributed Systems B Spring
16:198:547 The Security and Dependability of Distributed Systems B Spring
16:198:550 Massive Data Mining Spring
16:198:553 Design of Internet Services B Spring
16:198:555 Capstone Project II Spring
16:198:602 Selected Problems In Computer Science - Spring- PhD Only Spring
16:198:605 Selected Problems In Computer Science - Spring - MS Only Spring
16:198:671 Seminar in Computer Science Fall, Spring
16:198:702 Research In Computer Science - Spring - PhD Only Spring
16:198:705 Research in Computer Science - Spring - MS Thesis Only Spring
16:198:800 Matriculation Continued Fall, Spring