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Research In Computer Scienceᵅ


The course numbers 701, 702 and 703 are used by graduate students for their Ph.D. thesis research work.  There is one section of 701/702/703 for each member of the graduate faculty.

A Ph.D. student must have a least 24 credits of 701-2-3 taken toward writing a Ph.D. thesis.  Ph.D. students should not register for 701-2-3 until they have passed their qualifying exams.

Students receive a "grade" of S or U for their research credits.

1 to 12
ᵅ Open Only to PhD Students
Teaching Professors Names: 
Eric Allender
Alex Borgida
Kristin Dana
Ahmed Elgammal
Martin Farach-Colton
Michael Fredman
Apostolos Gerasoulis
Liviu Iftode
Tomasz Imielinski
Jeffry Kahn
Bahman Kalantari
Paul Kantor
Janos Komlos
Ulrich Kremer
Casimir Kulikowski
Amelie Marian
Richard Martin
Peter Meer
Dimitris Metaxas
Naftaly Minsky
Shan Muthukrishnan
Badri Nath
Thu Nguyen
Vladimir Pavlovic
Michael Saks
Eduardo Sontag
William Steiger
Louis Steinberg
Matthew Stone
Mario Szegedy
Endre Szemeredi
Wade Trappe