Systems Evaluation Lab
198:500 Seminar (1 credit), Spring 2021
Hybrid: Remote and In-Person

COVID-19 In-Person Instructions

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This seminar will allow students to get familiar with different performance metrics commonly used to assess benefits of hardware/software optimizations and system configurations. This lab will cover power, energy, execution time, and temperature as system evaluation metrics. The seminar will have two projects where students will perform physical measurements, and evaluate these measurements in the context of different utilized hardware/software resources. This includes single and multi-threaded program executions on a multi-core system with an embedded GPU accelerator.

The hardware platform that we use as our system to be measured is the Jetson TX-1 board. It combines a quad-core ARM architecture with a 256 core GPU on a single chip. For voltage and current measurements, we will use the SDM3045X digital multimeter. We will also provide an additional infrastructure to allow temperature measurements. This is a one credit course.


Lectures (remote) and Labs (in-person)

lectures : Friday, February 26 and March 1 (online only)
lab :

Read/Post Questions

Please post questions regarding homeworks and projects using Rutgers's Sakai system and piazza . DO NOT send project questions directly to me. THANKS!

Lecture Notes

Videos of the lectures are available on our sakai site under Resources.


For the projects, we use equipment accessible through machines in the ilab cluster. The ilab cluster machines contains the listing of valid hostnames available for projects. You have the same home directory across all machines of the ilab cluster . However, to access the multimeter, you have to log into one of these four machines:,,, or To initialize the multimeter, you can either download the setup.scpi file here, or copy and paste text below into the setup.scpi file.

TRIG:DEL +2.33333333E-03

Please watch our Lab Station Tutorial before going to the lab. The quickshift project description contains detailed instructions about how to log into the board, and how to acquire measurement data. Please read carefully. Both project reports are due on Wednesday, April 21, at 11:59pm . Please submit via sakai. Good luck!