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CS111 - Fall 2011 (01:198:111)

Welcome to the website for Introduction to Computer Science (CS111). Here you will find relevant information about the course, as well as links to resources.

Exam Schedule
Teaching Assistants
Peer Leaders


9/12/2011 - HW 1 will be posted @ 5pm today
9/10/2011 - Recitations begin this week.
9/2/2011 - Lecture notes from the first class can be found HERE
8/30/2011 - Only a limited number of Special Permission Numbers can be distributed, and not until after the first full week of classes. Keep checking webreg for course openings.
8/30/2011 - There will be no recitations this week. Recitations begin the week of Sept 12. The Sakai website is not yet live. We will post here when it is.
8/30/2011- Until 9/13/2011, the following room changes are in effect :
    section 38 (10:35-11:30am) - Tuesday Sept 13th will move to Hill 482
    section 40 (12:15-1:10pm)- Tuesday Sept 13th will move to Hill 482
    section 43 (1:55-2:50pm)- Tuesday Sept 13th will move to Hill 482

Exam Schedule

CS111 Midterm exams will be held during common exam periods:

Sunday 10/16
Sunday 11/13

3pm-4:20pm, ARC 103


Andrew Tjang (Course Coordinator)
E-mail: atjang@cs dot rutgers dot edu
Office Location: Hill 407 (Busch Campus)
Office Hours: Thu  2:30p-4:30p (or by appt)
Sesh Venugopal
E-mail: venugopa@cs dot rutgers dot edu
Office Location: Hill 406
Office Hours: Wed 3p-5p

Office hours for both instructors and teaching assistants will hold office hours in the Sakai chatroom as well. However students physically in the offices will take priority.

Teaching Assistants

Chintan Dalal (cad289@cs)
Office: HLL 270
Hours: Mon 4p-6p
Priya Govindan (priyagn@cs)
Office: HLL 266
Hours: Mon 1p-2p
Xiaoye Han (xiaoye@cs)
Office: HLL 405
Hours: Thu 1p-2p
Jingjing Liu (jl1322@cs)
Office: HLL 204
Hours: Wed  2p-3p
Tinglin Liu (tlliu@cs)
Office: CBIM
Hours: Tue 5p-6p
Babak Saleh (babaks@cs)
Office: HLL 257
Hours: Wed 2p-4p
John Wiedenhoeft
Office: jw644@cs
Hours: Mon 2:30p-3:30p
Ke Xie (kx19@cs)
Office: HLL 416
Hours: Mon 3p-4p
Xiang Yu (xiangyu@cs)
Office: HLL 412
Hours: Wed 3pm-4pm


Peer Leaders

Peer leaders are not responsible for any grading. If you have problems, questions, or any other issues with regard to grading, please contact the TAs

W 10:35-11:30    
HLL252    Sameen Jalal
SEC203    Artioms Zuks
SEC220     James Ault

W 12:15-1:10    
HLL250    James Ault
HLL482    Michael Wexler
HLL252    Owen Healy
SEC202    Steve Carvellas
W 1:55-2:50    
HLL248    Vaibhav Verma
HLL482    Victor Kabalah
HLL250    Bill Lynch
HLL005    Michael Contaldi

Th 5:30-6:25    
ARC108    Michael Koval
ARC212    Joseph Galaro
HLL248    Cody Bruno
ARC204    Bill Lynch

T 8:10-9:05
ARC204    Jerry Reptak
ARC203    Prateek Malhotra
ARC205    Kenny Liau
HLL254    Sameen Jalal

Th 8:10-9:05    
SEC218    Jerry Reptak
ARC207    Prateek Malhotra
SEC211    Michel Contaldi
SEC220    Cody Bruno
HLL250    Kenny Liau

T 10:35-1130    
HLL254   Michael Koval
HLL250   Sarid Shinwari
HLL252   Koushik Dasika
HLL248   Lucas Farrell

T 12:15-1:10
HLL254  Gerard O'Neill
HLL250  Vaibhav Verma
HLL252  Matt Disipio
HLL248  Owen Healy

T 1:55-2:50
HLL248 Gerard O'Neill
HLL250 Dean Taub
HLL254 Christopher Camastra



There is no required textbook for this class. You can use the following online textbook as a reference to supplement lecture materials.


You are responsible for keeping updated with all materials posted on the Sakai Course Management site. Assignments, solutions, notes, and announcements will be posted there.