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Computational Economics for Data Analytics

With the continuous shifting of human activities from offline to online, the Web is no longer just a platform for information sharing and transmission, but a huge online economy where various products or services are distributed from producers to consumers. As a result, a fundamentally important role of the Web economy is Online Resource Allocation (ORA) from producers to consumers, such as product allocation in E-commerce, job allocation in freelancing platforms, and driver resource allocation in P2P riding services. Since users have the freedom to choose, such allocations are not provided in a forced manner, but usually in forms of personalized recommendation or search. Economic Recommendation aims at divising recommendation and resource allocation algorithms for the Web economy based on principled economic theories or intuitions, so as to achieve targeted goals in online resource allocation, such as intelligent marketing, welfare distribution between consumers and producers, improving economic efficiency, cost reduction in terms of price, time, location, etc.

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