It is an exciting program that provides its graduates a reliable path to a rewarding career as professional data scientists.

Market: As modern information technologies relentlessly generate voluminous and complex data, algorithmic analytical tools with solid foundation in computer science, statistical theory and computer human interaction and communication have become indispensable to industry and society in general. This trend has created a strong surge in the demand of professional data scientists.

Essential data scientists skills include computational thinking, interactive data collection, pattern exploration, statistical analysis, summarization, visualization and sense making. One of the central goals is to create and integrate computerized tools that enhance decision making in social, scientific and economical endeavors aiming to improve citizens quality of life.


Receive solid training in algorithms, probability, statistical learning, computing systems, data mining, machine learning and visualization.

Acquire a deep understanding of the nature of uncertainty, modeling, performance checking and decision making.

Implement interactive tools for data analysis and sense making.

Develop strong communication and leadership skills.

Enroll in six Foundational Classes and six Elective Classes. They include the completion of one required Capstone project and a second optional Capstone Project to participate in an open competition in Data Science. Participate in Summer Internships.

Possible summer internships

For whom?

Students with a B.S in computer science, engineering, mathematics, or related fields.


Departments of Computer Science, Rutgers University.

Experienced faculty members and specialized teaching faculty.

Exclusive and specially designed courses, projects, guest lectures, field trips etc

Excellent connections to industry

Enhanced learning facilities, dedicated associate director of administration

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