Degrees Granted

Since 2005, PhD Degrees have been awarded for the following theses in the Department of Computer Science. 

Xuhui Ao A Hierarchical Model for Distributed Access Control Policies, 2004. Supervised by Naftaly Minsky

Yakov Keselman Generic Model Abstraction From Examples, 2005. Supervised by Sven Dickinson

Anthony Santella The Art of Seeing: Visual Perception in Design and Evaluation of Non-Photorealistic Rendering, 2005. Supervised by Douglas DeCarlo

Eduardo Pinheiro Energy Conservation for Server Systems, 2005. Supervised by Ricardo Bianchini

Samir Goel Etiquette protocol for ultra low power operation in energy constrained networks, 2005. Supervised by Tomasz Imielinski

Oana Cula Bidirectional Imaging and Modeling of Real-World Textured Surfaces, 2005. Supervised by Kristin J. Dana

Kiran Nagaraja A Systematic Approach to Quantifying and Improving the Availability of Cluster-Based Internet Services, 2005. Supervised by Thu D. Nguyen

Budhaditya Deb Algorithms for Resource utilization in sensor networks, 2005. Supervised by Badri Nath

Yi Jin Combinatorics of Polynomial root-finding algorithms, 2005. Supervised by Bahman Kalantari

Dmitriy Fradkin Within-Class and Unsupervised Clustering Improve Accuracy and Extract Local Structure for Supervised Classification, 2005. Supervised by Casimir Kulikowski

Aynur Dayanik Using Domain Knowledge for Text Mining, 2006. Supervised by Craig Nevill-Manning

HwaSeob Joseph Yun Consistent Triplets in Graph Clustering for Protein Sequence Analysis, 2006. Supervised by Casimir Kulikowski

RONG ZHANG Image and Video Classification, 2006. Supervised by Dimitris N. Metaxas

Sambuddha Roy Complexity Theoretic Aspects of Planar restrictions and Obliviousness, 2006. Supervised by Eric Allender (Chair/Advisor)

Miguel Mosteiro Upper and Lower Bounds in Radio Networks, 2006. Supervised by Martin Farach-Colton

Eiman Elnahrawy Indoor Localization Using Signal Strength, 2006. Supervised by Richard Martin

Xiaoyan Li Characterizing and Accommodating Spatial Aspects of Wireless Networks, 2006. Supervised by Richard Martin

Ramana Isukapalli Learning Effective Interpretation Policies, 2006. Supervised by Ahmed Elgammal

Akshay Vashist Multipartite Graph Clustering for Structured Clustering and Automating Ortholog Extraction, 2006. Supervised by Casimir Kulikowski

Xiaomin Chen Some Problems in Discrete Geometry, 2006. Supervised by Mario Szegedy

Jaewon Kang Congestion Control in Wireless Sensor Networks, 2006. Supervised by Badri Nath

Marcelo Mydlarz Packing Theorems in Graph Theory and Packing Integer Programs, 2006. Supervised by Endre Szemeredi

Taliver Heath Component-level Modeling of Power, Energy, and Temperature, 2007. Supervised by Ricardo Bianchini

Vladislav Shkapenyuk Scalable and Robust Data Stream Processing, 2007. Supervised by S. Muthu Muthukrishnan

Fancong Zeng Just-in-time and Just-in-place Deadlock Resolution, 2007. Supervised by Michael L. Littman

Chan-Su Lee Modeling Human Motion Using Manifold Learning and Factorized Generative Models, 2007. Supervised by Ahmed Elgammal

Suhrid Balakrishnan Algorithms and Applications for Classifiers of Massive and Structured Data Problems, 2007. Supervised by David Blei (Princeton University)

Yang Huang The Galois lattice and its application in gene-expression analysis, 2007. Supervised by Martin Farach-Colton

Rohan Fernandes Algorithms and LP-Duality Based Lower Bounds in Ad-hoc Radio Networks, 2007. Supervised by Martin Farach-Colton

Yingying Chen Securing Wireless Networks against Signal Attacks, 2007. Supervised by Richard P. Martin

Bing Bai Feature extraction and matching in content-based retrieval of functional Magnetic Resonance Images, 2007. Supervised by Paul Kantor

Jon C. Mesterharm Improving On-line Learning, 2007. Supervised by Professor Haym Hirsh

Alexander L. Strehl Probably Approximately Correct (PAC) Exploration in Reinforcement Learning, 2007. Supervised by Michael Littman

Chunling Hu An Infrastructure for Program Power Behavior Characterization and Optimization Evaluation, 2007. Supervised by Daniel A. Jimenez

Irina Rozenbaum FILTERING TECHNIQUES FOR DATA STREAMS, 2007. Supervised by S. (Muthu) Muthukrishnan

Xiaoxia Ren Change Impact Analysis for Java Programs and Applications, 2007. Supervised by Barbara Ryder

Pandurang Kamat Privacy in Emerging Wireless Networks, 2007. Supervised by Wade Trappe

Yihua Wu Streaming Techniques for Statistical Modeling, 2007. Supervised by S. Muthukrishnan

Viorel Mihalef The Marker Level Set method: applications to simulation of liquids, 2007. Supervised by Dimitris Metaxas

Peter Richter Quantum walks and ground state problems, 2007. Supervised by Mario Szegedy

Chen Fu Improving Software Reliability Using Exception Analysis of Object Oriented Programs, 2007. Supervised by Barbara G. Ryder

Constantin Serban Advances in Decentralized and Stateful Access Control, 2007. Supervised by Naftaly Minsky

Nishkam Ravi Bootstrapping Location-aware Personal Computing, 2007. Supervised by Liviu Iftode

Aniruddha Bohra System Architectures Based on Functionality Offloading, 2007. Supervised by Liviu Iftode

Mihail N. Ionescu A Regulatory Architecture for a Digital Enterprise, 2008. Supervised by Naftaly Minsky

Su Chen Data Compression in Dynamic Systems, 2008. Supervised by Muthu Muthukrishnan

Jerry Hom An Execution Context Optimization Framework for Disk Energy, 2008. Supervised by Ulrich Kremer

Minyoung Kim Discriminative Models and Dimensionality Reduction for Regression, 2008. Supervised by Vladimir Pavlovic

PAI-HSI HUANG Protein Homology Detection with Sparse models, 2008. Supervised by Vladimir Pavlovic

David DeVault Contribution Tracking: Participating in Task-Oriented Dialogue under Uncertainty , 2008. Supervised by Matthew Stone

Brian K. Russell Learning-Based Route Management in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks, 2008. Supervised by Michael Littman

Gang Xu TRUSTED APPLICATION CENTRIC AD HOC NETWORK, 2008. Supervised by Liviu Iftode

Cuneyt Oncel Tuzel Learning on Riemannian Manifolds for Interpretation of Visual Environments , 2008. Supervised by Peter Meer (Chair/ECE-CS)

Konstantinos Kleisouris Improving the Speed and Accuracy of Indoor Localization, 2008. Supervised by Richard P. Martin

Rui Huang Graphical Models for Object Segmentation , 2008. Supervised by Dimitris N. Metaxas

Vivek Pathak Robust Decentralized Authentication for Public Keys and Geographic Location , 2008. Supervised by Liviu Iftode

Arati Baliga Automated Detection and Containment of Stealth Attacks on the Operating System Kernel, 2008. Supervised by Liviu Iftode

Bethany R. Leffler Perception-Based Generalization in Model-Based Reinforcement Learning , 2008. Supervised by Michael L. Littman

Timothy Edmunds Improving Interactive Multisensory Simulation and Rendering Through Focus On Perceptual Processes , 2008. Supervised by Dinesh K. Pai

Kooksang Moon Coupled Embedding Of Sequential Processes Using Gaussian Process Models , 2008. Supervised by Vladimir Pavlovic

Danny M. Kaufman Coupled Principles for Computational Frictional Contact Mechanics , 2009. Supervised by Dinesh Pai

Lihong Li A Unifying Framework for Computational Reinforcement Learning Theory, 2009. Supervised by Michael Littman

Christopher Peery Wayfinder: A Federated Information Sharing and Management System, 2009. Supervised by Thu Nguyen

Zhipeng Zhao Towards a Local-Global Visual Feature-Based Framework for Recognition, 2009. Supervised by Ahmed Elgammal

Nikita Lytkin Variance-based Clustering Methods and Higher Order Data Transformations and Their Applications, 2009. Supervised by Casimir Kulikowski

Andre Madeira Private Approximation and Streaming Protocols: Theory and Applications, 2009. Supervised by S. Muthukrishnan

Qi Wei Biomechanical Modeling and Simulation of Human Eye Movement, 2009. Supervised by Dinesh Pai

Bruno Dufour Practical analysis of framework-intensive applications, 2009. Supervised by Barbara G. Ryder

Jihui Zhao Partitioning Problems in Discrete and Computational Geometry, 2009. Supervised by William Steiger

Atul Kanaujia Conditional Models For 3D Human Pose Estimation, 2009. Supervised by Dimitris Metaxas

Geetha Jagannathan Data Privacy in Knowledge Discovery, 2010. Supervised by Rebecca N. Wright (Advisor)

Xiaofeng Mi TIME CHANGE:Representation and Depiction of 2D Shapes using Parts, 2010. Supervised by Doug DeCarlo

Wei Wang Unified Structure and Content Search for Personal Information Management Systems, 2010. Supervised by Amélie Marian

Tom Walsh Efficient Learning of Relational Models for Sequential Decision Making, 2010. Supervised by Michael Littman

Carlos Diuk An Object-oriented Representation for Efficient Reinforcement Learning, 2010. Supervised by Michael L. Littman

Asif Jamshed Embedding Spanning Subgraphs into Large Dense Graphs, 2010. Supervised by Endre Szemeredi

Fabio A. Oliveira Towards Mistake-Aware Systems, 2010. Supervised by Ricardo Bianchini

Yuchi Huang Hypergraph Based Visual Object Categorization and Segmentation, 2010. Supervised by Dimitris Metaxas

Zhiguo Li Video-based Facial Expression Analysis, 2010. Supervised by Dimitris Metaxas