• Job Description:

    Graders work with professors and TAs to grade homework, assignments, projects, answer student questions, and depending on experience, develop questions and projects.

    Graders are paid on an hourly basis, from $15-$25/hr. depending on experience. Hours can range up to 20 hours per week.

    The best way to get hired as a grader is to do well in a class, approach the professor, and see if he/she wants to hire you as a grader. The second-best way is to get a general recommendation from a professor.

    Recitation Part Time Instructors: Recitation Instructors run recitation sessions for the 4 credit courses.

    This role consists of preparing material for the recitation, evaluating students' understanding, answering questions, both in-person and online, and providing feedback.

    Students are expected to work an average of 6 hours/week during the semester, although some weeks may be more and some less. Many students are hired as both a grader and recitation PTL for the same course.  One recitation of a 4 credit course is 1 credit.

    As with graders, the best way to get hired as a recitation PTL is to do well in a course and get a recommendation from the instructor.

  • How to Apply: Apply for 2024 at the link below.
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  • Rutgers Policies: Rutgers subscribes to the value of academic diversity and encourages applications from individuals with varied experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds. Females, minorities, and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Rutgers is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.