Sesh Venugopal

Sesh Venugopal I am Director of Introductory Undergraduate Instruction in the Computer Science department.

I am the founding director of the Computer Science Industrial Affiates Program (IAP), and am the principal liaison for industry relationships.

I am the faculty advisor to the student clubs USACS and RuMAD, and am on the faculty of RATE (Rutgers Advanced Technology Extension).

In 2010, I was recognized with a School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) Award for Distinguished Contributions to Undergraduate Education.

I hold a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Rutgers. My research was in Supercomputing: developing scalable algorithms for sparse matrix computations. Before emigrating to the US, I studied at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (Mumbai), from where I got a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

You can reach me by email at venugopa at cs dot rutgers dot edu

I have written a textbook, published in November 2006, for teaching Data Structures (CS2), available at Data Structures Outside In With Java Data Structures Outside In With Java

The textbook uses generic types for all container structures, and includes a 90-page introduction to object-oriented programming in Java. The stand-out feature of the book is an outside-in approach that shows how to choose and how to use a data structure (outside) before building it (inside).

Take-away nugget? Every data structures comes with a "price tag", integrated right into each structure's interface. Read the book, and see how.

I am putting together VIDEOS for Data Structures, publicly
available at YouTube, listed here from latest to earliest. As of November 2015, these videos have had over half a million views!
  1. Binary Search Tree Part 3 - Delete
  2. Binary Search Tree Part 2 - Insert
  3. Binary Search Tree Part 1 - Structure and Search
  4. Depth-first Search (DFS) on Graphs Part 2 - Implementation
  5. Depth-first Search (DFS) on Graphs Part 1 - Algorithm
  6. Dijkstra's Shortest Paths Algorithm
  7. Graphs - Adjacency Linked Lists Storage
  8. Graphs - Types and Representation
  9. Quicksort Part 2 - Implementation
  10. Quicksort Part 1 - Algorithm
  11. Implementing a Heap in Java - Part 2
  12. Implementing a Heap in Java - Part 1
  13. Binary Search Analysis using Comparison Tree - Part 3
  14. Search Analysis using Comparison Tree - Part 2
  15. Binary Search Analysis using Comparison Tree - Part 1
  16. Java No-Object Linked List - Part 2
  17. Java No-Object Linked List - Part 1
  18. How to Build a Single-Node Linked List in Java
  19. Imagining a Linked List of Strings
  20. Imagining a Linked List

In Fall 2015, I am teaching Intro to CS (CS 111), and Data Structures (CS 112). In Spring 2016, I will be teaching CS 111 and CS 112, and also Software Methodology (CS 213, including Android Apps).

In Fall 2011 and Fall 2012, I taught a freshman Byrne seminar, Back to the Future: The Evolution of Modern Computing.

In the summer of 2012, three students from my Fall 2011 Byrne seminar researched the current state of practice in parallel computing, with funding from the Byrne program.

Published a novel (first fiction work) in September 2012. Now available as a Kindle book at Amazon. The Blind Spot

"The Blind Spot" is on facebook

"Professor's identity struggle inspires fiction novel"

sesh at barca I love to travel. Here are some pictures from my 2012 trip to Barcelona and Madrid

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