Tomasz Imielinski, Professor

Office: CORE 330, Busch Campus, Rutgers University

Tomasz Imielinski

Interests: Data mining, search technology


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2003 - 10 year Test of Time SIGMOD Award  Test of time

2002 -  10 year VLDB Best Paper Award  VLDB Award  


Grades in my classes are based on competitive projects - where results can be compared, so it is either execution time or classification accuracy. Sometimes it is a vote of the panel of judges. I try to make it fun and in the same time "hands on" where students learn by doing. The best work is immortalized in the Hall of Fame, so students can refer to their work in their resumes. WARNING - you may be awarded a funny title! (like a chief scraper, SQL dynamo). Here is the link to the data projects and the hall of fame. Data projects and Student Hall of Fame
This style have been perfected since spring 2010 when I taught  Data Mining -Searching for gold in massive data sets

Here are results of the  Prediction Idol Competition

Connotate Technologies

Cofounder of Connotate, the leader in web data extraction and monitoring data in the web. Currently, I serve as a member of the Board of Directors of Connotate.
Recently Connotate has acquired

Here are some interviews and blogs in my capacity as Executive Vice President of - discussing semantic search, question answering and answer farms - the largest index of nearly 700M question answer pairs which we have built at Ask.
How smart is search engine  (June 2009), Semtech Panel  SemTech panel 2009 and article and radio interview at Bruce Clay blog Bruce Clay article.   Other blog posts from 2009:   what makes search engine semantic.
Answer Farm technology  and CNET 2009 article summarizing the panel on semantic search.


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