abhishek bhattacharjee

assistant professor computer science rutgers
phd (2010) electrical engineering princeton
b.eng honors (2005) electrical engineering mcgill

CoRE 306 piscataway nj
email : abhib at cs dot rutgers dot edu

invited talks:
mar '15: university of pennsylvania
mar '15: carnegie mellon university
feb '15: indian institute of technology, delhi
feb '15: intel, bangalore
dec '14: university of texas, austin
oct '14: microsoft research, seattle
oct '14: university of washington

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 about me : i'm interested in building high-performance, energy-efficient, secure, and robust computer systems for datacenters, mobile systems, and cyber-physical domains. my expertise lies at the intersection of computer architecture and systems software (e.g., operating systems, virtual machines, compilers). i've also recently begun dabbling in technologies for developing regions (with a focus on women's issues and education), and working with high schools to push computer science into their curricula.

 selected awards and honors:
      recent research selected for ieee micro top picks journal, '15.
      research awards from vmware and google, '13.
      national science foundation's CAREER award, '13.
      wu prize for academic excellence, princeton university, '09.
      british association medal for graduating at the top of class, james mcgill award, james mcgill scholarship, mcgill university, '01-'05.
      graduated at the top of class, the dwight school in manhattan, '01.

      check out our recent top picks paper on address translation for throughput oriented accelerators, building on our asplos '14 paper.
      check out our latest work identifying large page splintering as a serious problem in cloud systems employing virtualization.
      i'll be spending part of fall '15 in bangalore, working with microsoft research india on various ictd topics.
      we've started designing computer systems for robots. my students, jon and tim, are focusing on the niche market of tennis playing robots.
      we've developed a kernel utility for in-situ, fast, full-system memory tracing; some of our bug fixes have been pushed upstream.
      i've begun working with the dwight school in manhattan on ways to integrate computer science into their middle and high school curricula.
      our patent on inter-core tlb prefetchers has been granted.
      many thanks to the cs department at columbia university, and an awesome collaborator in particular, for a fun sabbatical in '13.