Abhishek Bhattacharjee

Associate Professor · Computer Science · Rutgers

CV Starr Visiting Fellow · Neuroscience · Princeton

PhD · Electrical Engineering · Princeton

BEng Honors · Electrical Engineering · McGill

abhib at cs dot rutgers dot edu

Invited Talks
  • Feb '17: Yale
  • Nov '16: Dartmouth
  • Sep '16: Northwestern
  • Mar '16: University of Pennsylvania
  • Nov '15: Georgia Tech
  • Mar '15: Carnegie Mellon
  • Oct '14: Microsoft Research
  • more...

I build fast, energy-efficient, and robust computer systems for datacenters, mobile devices, and emerging brain-machine interfaces. I'm designing their hardware and operating systems with my PhD students, Guilherme Cox, Ján Veselý, and Zi Yan. I'm spending my '17-'18 sabbatical at Princeton University's Neuroscience Institute, having been awarded its CV Starr Visiting Fellowship.

›› Recent and upcoming stuff.

›› Our work in the public domain.

  • AMD's Zen chip implements the TLB coalescing work from our MICRO '12 paper.
  • We've released COATCheck, a tool to verify correctness at the memory consistency-virtual memory interface, from our ASPLOS '14 paper.

›› Selected awards and honors.

  • ASPLOS '14, '16 papers selected for inclusion in IEEE Micro's Top Picks in Computer Architecture journal.
  • CV Starr Visiting Fellowship, Princeton University Neuroscience Institute, '17-'18.
  • Best Paper Award nominations for MICRO '15, PACT '09 papers.
  • Research awards from VMware and Google, '13.
  • The National Science Foundation's CAREER award, '13.
  • Wu Prize for academic excellence, Princeton University, '09.
  • British Association Medal for graduating at the top of class, James McGill Award, James McGill Scholarship, McGill University, '01-'05.
  • Graduated at the top of class, The Dwight School in Manhattan, '01.

›› Industry collaborators and funding agencies.

  • The National Science Foundation.
  • AMD.
  • Google.
  • Intel.
  • Qualcomm.
  • VMware.