Abhishek Bhattacharjee

Associate Professor · Computer Science · Rutgers

CV Starr Visiting Fellow · Neuroscience · Princeton

PhD · Electrical Engineering · Princeton

BEng Honors · Electrical Engineering · McGill

abhib at cs dot rutgers dot edu

Invited Talks
  • Nov '16: Dartmouth
  • Sep '16: Northwestern
  • Mar '16: Stony Brook
  • Nov '15: Georgia Tech
  • Mar '15: University of Pennsylvania
  • Mar '15: Carnegie Mellon
  • Oct '14: Microsoft Research
  • more...

I build fast, energy-efficient, and robust computer systems for datacenters, mobile devices, and emerging brain-machine interfaces. I'm having fun building their hardware and operating systems with my PhD students, Guilherme Cox, Ján Veselý, and Zi Yan.

›› Recent and upcoming stuff.

›› Our work in the public domain.

  • AMD's Zen chip implements the TLB coalescing work from our MICRO '12 paper.
  • We've released COATCheck, a tool to verify correctness at the memory consistency-virtual memory interface, from our ASPLOS '14 paper.

›› Selected awards and honors.

  • CV Starr Visiting Fellowship, Princeton University Neuroscience Institute, '17-'18.
  • Best Paper Award nominations for MICRO '15, PACT '09 papers.
  • ASPLOS '14 paper selected for IEEE Micro's Top Picks in Computer Architecture journal.
  • Research awards from VMware and Google, '13.
  • The National Science Foundation's CAREER award, '13.
  • Wu Prize for academic excellence, Princeton University, '09.
  • British Association Medal for graduating at the top of class, James McGill Award, James McGill Scholarship, McGill University, '01-'05.
  • Graduated at the top of class, The Dwight School in Manhattan, '01.

›› Industry collaborators and funding agencies.

  • The National Science Foundation.
  • AMD.
  • Google.
  • Intel.
  • Qualcomm.
  • VMware.