abhishek bhattacharjee

associate professor · computer science · rutgers

phd · electrical engineering · princeton

b.eng honors · electrical engineering · mcgill

core 306 · piscataway · nj

abhib at cs dot rutgers dot edu

invited talks
  • dec '16: university of wisconsin-madison
  • nov '16: yale
  • nov '16: dartmouth
  • sep '16: northwestern
  • mar '16: stony brook
  • nov '15: georgia tech
  • mar '15: university of pennsylvania
  • more...

i build high-performance, energy-efficient, and secure computer systems at all scales (e.g., datacenters, mobile systems). my expertise lies in hardware achitecture and systems software. i am also exploring links between computer systems and the brain (e.g., brain-machine interfaces).

›› recent and upcoming stuff

  • amd has implemented tlb coalescing based on our micro '12 paper in its upcoming zen chip for desktops, laptops, servers, and cpu-gpus.
  • check out our ispass '16 paper characterizing virtual addressing mechanisms on real-system GPUs.
  • here's our asplos '16 paper on memory transistency, or memory consistency and address translation interactions, and our tool to model it.
  • our work on large page management in virtualized environments has been accepted at micro '15, and is a best paper award candidate.
  • check out our recent top picks paper on address translation for gpus, building on our asplos '14 paper.

›› our work in the public domain

  • amd's zen chip implements the tlb coalescing work from our micro '12 paper.
  • we've released coatcheck, a tool to verify correctness at the memory consistency-virtual memory interface, from our asplos '14 paper.

›› selected awards and honors

  • best paper award nominations for micro '15, pact '09 papers.
  • asplos '14 paper selected for ieee micro's top picks in computer architecture journal.
  • research awards from vmware and google, '13.
  • national science foundation's CAREER award, '13.
  • wu prize for academic excellence, princeton university, '09.
  • british association medal for graduating at the top of class, james mcgill award, james mcgill scholarship, mcgill university, '01-'05.
  • graduated at the top of class, the dwight school in manhattan, '01.

›› industry collaborators and funding agencies

  • the national science foundation.
  • amd.
  • google.
  • intel.
  • nvidia.
  • qualcomm.
  • vmware.