Monday, August 31, 2015

Instructional Lab

Rutgers University Division of Computer and Information Sciences


    Class accounts for Fall 2015 can now be opened. Follow this link to add yourself to a class account. Welcome back...

    You can now access a graphical user interface to any of the iLab Domain machines remotely using your web browser. Simply install a Java plugin in your favorite browser and enter the desired iLab machine's hostname that you want to connect to in the address bar. You will be redirected to a page to start the connection. This service is in initial testing. At this time to make the secure connection, please accept the self signed certificate and trust the Java code. It your network connection is dropped, simply reconnect within 8 hours to re-obtain your connection. For all questions please email

    To use advance file permissions on the iLab domain see these instructions.

    Trouble loggin in? Have you not acknowledged the DCS Academic Integrity Policy at If you haven't yet, your account will be disabled.

    Need to change your password? The iLab domain now uses your University password. See "" for how to change your password.

    A new way of setting your java version

    There are new Ilab Assistants in Hill 252(The Cave) who are there for any immediate help.

    I get the error "Network Error: socket not connected" when I connect to
    The remote grahical display web browser uses an old version of Java. This is likely causing the issue you are seeing. We recommend you use an alternative means to access these resources such as:

    a) An SSH client for a remote command line interface.
    b) A local X-Server (such as Xming or Cygwin) and remotely X-Tunnel graphical applications using an SSH client
    c) Log in directly to a machine located in the Hill Labs 120, 248, or 252.

    If you have any further problems, please send mail to or come to Core 235.


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