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Instructional Lab

Last modified: Sept 23, 2016


    Hill Center and DataCenter will be shutdown on Saturday October 22nd 2016 at 6:30am to 11pm for electrical work.
    Almost all services will go down. Plan accordingly!

  • All iLab machines have been upgraded to Centos7.

  • WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED!. All iLab Centos7 machines have new SSH keys. You have to remove old entry in your ~/.ssh/known_hosts file for every iLab machines as they show up as offending ssh keys.

  • IMPORTANT: You MUST create or activate your iLab account before you can login.

  • If you are new to CS Resources, see Beginners info

  • Trouble logging in?
  • There are many available machines you can access locally and remotely. Unless there are specific features you need, example: class virtual machine or CUDA chips, they are essentially the same. Try find machines with less Users and lower Load for better speed.

  • Have you created or activated your account?

  • Check Current Status of CS Resources in case we have bigger issues.

  • Need to change your password? The iLab domain now uses your University password. See for how to change your password.

  • Guide on setting your java version

    Using iLab Machines in Hill 120, Hill 248 and Hill 252

    To use CS iLab Machines, we recommend:

    Home Pages for Students

    You can setup your own university homepages or iLab home pages. This homepage needs to be stored in world readable public_html folder (~netid/public_html) and is accessible via http://

    Getting Help

    If you have issues with any CS computing resources
  • Check our Networking and Resource Status if you are having uptime issue.
  • Visit iLab Assistant on duty at Hilll 252 (the CAVE)
  • Visit LCSR Operator at CoRE 235.
  • Visit LCSR technical support Staff CoRE second floor.
  • Send email to: to a create a support ticket.
  • If you have issues with Non CS computing resources
  • Go to University Computing HelpDesk at Hill Center 013.
  • Don't like your email address, NetID/Password issues? go to
  • Forgot your password? go to