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Professor Casimir Kulikowski, together with Alexa McCray of the Harvard Center for Biomedical Informations, was recognized as an honorary fellow of the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA).
The NSF has awarded Professors Dimitris Metaxas, Vladimir Pavlovic and Kang Li (Industrial and Systems Engineering) a $1.1 million award for their project: "MRI: Development of a Near-Real-Time High-Accuracy Musculoskeletal System Measurement and Analysis Instrument (SKELETALMI)".
The paper 'Gelling, and Melting, Large Graphs by Edge Manipulation', co-authored by Prof. Tina Eliassi-Rad, together with colleagues at CMU, IBM, UC Riverside and Virginia Tech, received the Best interdisciplinary paper award at the 21st ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management.
New faculty member Prof. David Cash was featured today on Rutgers' main web page in a feature entitled: "Ready to Open Minds".
The department has received an award of $533K from the Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) Program at the U.S. Department of Education. The GAANN award will support four graduate fellowships, and an additional fellowship will be supported via matching funds from the School of Arts and Sciences.
Two projects, lead by Professors Martin Farach-Colton and Paul Kantor, will develop techniques to process and analyze Big Data, massive collections of data from sources such as scientific instruments, digital images, social media streams and business transactions.
The New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame has bestowed its "Innovators Award" on Marco Gruteser and Richard Martin of Rutgers University and Yingying Chen of Stevens Institute of Technology who designed and tested a smart phone pplication that pinpoints where a cell phone user is sitting: on the driver.
The app "Bed Battles" challenges friends to wake up earlier by being the first to complete challenges in the morning. The software system came in 3rd at this past weekend's Hack 'n Jill competition and was created by students Daniel Alabi (Carleton), Allie Riggs (Cornell), Jason Wright (Cornell), and our own Phillip Quiza (Rutgers).
A Rutgers Day 2012 video introducing the history and activities of the Rutgers Computer Science Department.
The Computer Science Graduate Student Society (CSGSS) of the Rutgers CS department selected the winner for this year's top teacher. Monica Babes, CSGSS President, announced last week that the graduate students chose Prof. Martin Farach-Colton for the 2011-2012 CSGSS Award for Excellence in Teaching.
For the 2011-2012 CS department undergraduate awards, the undergraduate awards committee chose two students who have distinguished themselves among their peers. Paul Meskers, a graduating senior, received the Novielli award and Vaibhav Verma, a junior and officer of the undergradate CS student organization, the Magidson award. Each award comes with a $1000 check.
Sameen Jalal, President of the USACS undergraduate CS organization, was recently inducted into Rutgers' most prestigious honor society, Cap and Skull. To quote their website, selection is based on "demonstrations of leadership, academic standing, and character." In addition, five CS majors were elected to Phi Beta Kappa: Mikey Chen, Jarek Sedlacek, Vaibhav Verma, Xinchao Shen, and Wenzong Zhao.
Radio interview on the opening of the solar-powered Parasol micro-datacenter.
The first green computing testbed, Parasol, opened yesterday at Rutgers. The solar powered micro-datacenter will play a key role in departmental research efforts to make computing more efficient and environmental friendly.
Rutgers CS undergraduate organization, USACS, ran its second annual hackRU hackathon last week. Many impressive apps were built by the student participants. The top prizes went to: "Get Mad Hipster Points Yo", a collaborative smart-phone-based video game (Devon Peticolas and Abe Stanway), "Stereo Lasers", a custom-built laser light show generator (Kaitlin Poskaitis and Josh Matthews) and "FriendTrend", a tool that makes it easier to find relevant and exciting news on twitter (Bilal Quadri and Saad Malik). Prizes were also awarded in several other categories.
Google and the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) jointly administer a scholarship to support students working in tech-related fields. Rutgers CS graduate student Vukosi Marivate was named one of this year's winners.
An award-winning video of a Rutgers robot learning live at Rutgers Day 2009.
Ira Greenberg, Associate Professor at Southern Methodist University (SMU), is the Director of the Center of Creative Computation. He will be telling the story of how he uses code to paint.
RU CS student Kaushal Parikh teamed up with Princeton students Xin Yang Yak, Eugene Lee, and Alexander Zhao to create cLoudSpeaker, a system for music synchronization across multiple computers. The sytem was the winner of the Spring 2012 HackNY Hackathon. As a winning team, they will get to present their project to tech enthusiasts and investors at NY Tech Day on April 19th.
The department's efforts in educating non-majors about CS was recognized in a New York Times article this week.
Kenneth Kaplan, who served as CS department chair 1991-1997, passed away over the weekend. In addition to serving as department chair, Ken was also Associate Chair for many years and had a profound influence both on the educational offerings of the department and on the careers of many of the current Rutgers CS faculty and alumni.
The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters has decided to award the roughly million dollar Abel Prize for 2012 to Prof. Endre Szemeredi for his profound contributions to discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science.
A news report on Al Jazeera English describes the first-ever Internet email attachment and its repercussions. It includes a clip of Prof. Michael Littman.
Vision-based Localization on Sidewalks: Demo of the work of Turgay Senlet and Prof. Ahmed Elgammal.
Techcrunch is reporting that the company Connotate is acquiring Fetch Technologies. Connotate was founded by RU CS department faculty Prof. Tomasz Imielinski and Prof. Don Smith (along with Vincent Sgro) in 2000.
The RU CS department's innovative collaborative space, the CAVE, is mentioned in a Star Ledger article on "hackerspaces". In addition to the CAVE, the CS department is planning another hackerspace to be opened this summer.
The 2003 paper "PlanetP: Using Gossiping to Build Content Addressable Peer-to-Peer Information Sharing Communities" by Rutgers CS authors Francisco Matias Cuenca-Acuna, Christopher Peery, Prof. Richard P. Martin, and Prof. Thu D. Nguyen was selected as one of the top papers in the last 20 years at the "High-Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing" conference.
March 11th is the twentieth anniversary of the MIME standard for email attachments. Rutgers interviewed Prof. Michael Littman about his role in the first attachment ever sent.
The First Rutgers Puzzle Hunt was held on February 19th, organized by graduate student Brian Thompson with logistics handled by the students of USACS and LCSR's Lars Sorensen. The winner was "Team Rocket": Gerard O'Neill, Matthew Chao, and Brandon Amir.
Prof. Rebecca Wright is delivering the keynote address at The 5th International Workshop on Privacy and Anonymity in the Information Society (PAIS) in Berlin.
The Computer Science department is running its first ever puzzle hunt, February 19th. Sign up your team and match wits with the infamous Rutgers Underground Sabotage Crew!
Robot Lab Interview from RUTV.
A mysterious steel framework has appeared on the top of the Chemical Engineering building in clear view from CoRE. It is part of a Computer Science Department project to be revealed later. Stay tuned!
A paper by Prof. Ricardo Bianchini and collaborators was selected as one of IEEE Micro's annual "Top Picks in Computer Architecture". These papers are chosen from those published this year that the committee feels is most likely to have long-term impact on the field. The paper, "MemScale: Active Low-Power Modes for Main Memory", proposes a scheme for making memory access on servers more energy efficient. The authors are Q. Deng, D. Meisner, L. Ramos, T. Wenisch and R. Bianchini.
Best wishes from the Rutgers Laboratory for Computer Science Research.