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Computer Science Department Colloquium
4/23/2019 10:30 am
CoRE A 301

Cooperation in Humans and Machines

Patrick Shafto, Rutgers University-Newark

Faculty Host: Matthew Stone


Cooperation, specifically cooperative information sharing, is a bedrock principle of human intelligence. Machine learning, in contrast focuses on learning from randomly sampled data, which neither leverages others' cooperation nor prioritizes a means for communicating what has been learned. I will discuss ways in which our understanding of human learning may be leveraged to develop new machine learning, and form the foundation of improved integration of machine learning into human society.


Dr. Patrick Shafto is the Henry Rutgers Term Chair in Data Science and Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Rutgers University - Newark. Research in his lab focuses on theoretical and empirical foundations of cooperation and learning in humans and machines. He has received numerous honors and awards including an NSF CAREER award and his research has formed the basis for successful data science start-up companies eventually acquired by Salesforce and Tableau. His research is supported by multiple NSF directorates (EHR, CISE, SBE), DARPA, DoD, the intelligence community, and the NIH.