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1/31/2018 11:00 am
CoRE 301

Monotonicity problems in graph theory

Bhargav Narayanan, Mathematics, Rutgers University

Organizer(s): Pranjal Awasthi and Shubhangi Saraf


I'll talk about a few different simple-looking problems in percolation and random walks that all ask for the same innocuous thing-- monotone behaviour. I'll also say a few words about what (little) I can do. I will assume no background knowledge in the area.


I am broadly interested in combinatorics and related areas in probability theory and statistical physics. Some other things, including a picture of me, may be found here. Before moving to Rutgers, I was a Research Fellow at St John's College and a member of the DPMMS. Earlier, I received my PhD in 2015 from the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Béla Bollobás. Here is a complete CV.