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Summer 2016 Registration

We are currently working on giving out SP numbers for those who have requested them.  Contact the instructor of a class directly if you would like to submit a new request.

Fall 2016 Registration

We are very much aware that some (eventually many) of our classes are full (and the stress that this situation creates for students).  We will be doing our best to add capacity as possible.  Please follow the procedure below to request SP numbers for full classes:

  1. Do NOT register for sections that do NOT officially appear on WebReg.  We will deregister you if you do.  And, meanwhile, you will lose consideration for SP numbers.
  2. Use this Web app to request an SP number for a full class:  You need to login using your CS, eden, or rci ID/password.  The use of this Web app will allow the department to track unmet demand for our classes.
  3. Watch for announcements below.  Announcements will typically appear on Monday, with the new capacity being added that day or as directed by the announcement.  Thus, you should only need to check this Web site on Mondays.
  4. Aside from us adding additional capacity, requests for SP numbers will be handled by course instructors closer to the beginning of the term (e.g., 2 weeks before start of semester)


  • 4/25/2016 - We have opened a new lecture of 01:198:211 for Fall. It will be visible when Webreg is updated over night.